Agrarian Bulletin of the Urals

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ISSN 1997 - 4868 (Print); ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)

№ 11 (190) 2019

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M. V. Vlasenko, K. Yu. Trubakova

Water regime Poaceae family species in the drought conditions


N. G. Lapenko, L. R. Oganyan

Rural pastures – the important food supply for animals of the individual sector


S. T. Esedullaev, I. G. Meltsaev

Biologized crop rotation – the main factor for fertility increases of sod-podzolic soils and arable land productivity in the Upper Volga



A. V. Dubrovin

Evaluation of qualitative and quantitative ratio of lineages in broodstock of Novoaltaiskaya breed of horses in the Altai Republic as of 2018


O. V. Kostyunina, E. A. Trebunskikh, M. S. Fornara, T. V. Karpushkina

Investigation of the associations of SCD gene polymorphism with intramuscular fat content in Duroc and Large White pig breeds


O. V. Mochalova, D. A. Gusev

New genetic sources for breeding of Prunus L. species on polyploid level


A. Z. Tulobaev, Z. N. Niyazbekova

Methods of foals holding in Kyrgyz Republic


O. V. Chugunova, N. V. Zavorokhina, A. V. Vyatkin

The research of antioxidant activity and its changes during storage of fruit and berry raw materials of the Sverdlovsk region


A. S. Krasnoperov, S. V. Malkov, N. A. Vereshchak, A. P. Poryvaeva

Enterosorbent for endotoxicosis as a factor influencing the development of young cattle



 M. E. Anokhina

Economic dynamics of agriculture: factors, management, strategy


 B. A. Kushkhova, Z. M. Ivanova, Kh. M. Tausoltanov

State and prospects of the export potential of agriculture in the North Caucasus


 E. V. Stovba, M. Т. Lukyanova, V. А. Kovshov

Foresight as a strategic planning and forecasting tool of sustainable development of rural areas



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