Agrarian Bulletin of the Urals

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ISSN 1997 - 4868 (Print); ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)

№ 4 (183) 2019


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A. A. Konishchev, I. I. Garifullin, E. N. Konishcheva

A study on the causes prompting to switch to the minimized tillage


E. V. Kravtsova, L. V. Rudakova

Change of agrochemical indicators the chernozem ordinary under the influence of sideralny cultures


I. R. Manukyan, M. A. Basieva, E. S. Miroshnikova, V. B. Abiyev

Assessment of ecological plasticity of winter wheat varieties in the conditions of a foothill zone of the Central Caucasus


S. Yu. Turko, K. Yu. Trubakova

Growth and development of plants on pastures in arid zone and question of their exploitation (on the example of artifically created models)


V. L. Ulyashev, V. V. Rzaeva

The contamination of crops and yield of broad beans by methods of primary tillage


A. A. Shamanin, L. A. Popova, V. V. Gintov

Using the less widespread feed crops for forming a high quality feed agrophytocenosis in conditions of the Northern region of Russia



O. Yu. Ezhova, Yu. N. Beletskaya, L. N. Bakayeva, R. R. Gadiev

Digestibility and utilization of nutrients of feed ducklings when fed with enzyme preparation


V. I. Kosilov, S. S. Zhaimysheva, S. I. Mironenko, O. G. Loretz, O. A. Bykova, B. S. Nurzhanov, I. R. Gazeev

Reproductive quality heifers simmental, and limousin breeds and their hybrids of different generations


L. A. Logvinenko, О. М. Shevchuk, E. N. Kravchenko

Introduction study of some species of the holitone of the collection of aromatic and medicinal plants of the Nikita botanical gardens


K. M. Pladistaya, N. A. Tatarnikova

Morphological changes in the central visual analyzer of cats in the age aspect


T. N. Sivkova

Paleoparasitology and perspectives of its development in the Perm region


V. E. Sofronova, V. A. Chepalov, K. A. Petrov, O. V. Dymova, T. K. Golovko

Green and yellow pigments of spring oats cultivated for harvesting cryofodder in the conditions of Central Yakutia



Kh. B. Badarchi, V. K. Sevek

Analysis of the frontier regions of the Siberian federal district of Russia by the level of socio-economic development (on the example of the Republic of Tyva)


B. A. Voronin, A. N. Mitin

Management of digitalization processes in agriculture of Russia


I. P. Chupina, Ya. V. Voronina

Revival of the russian market of organic products



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