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Change of agrochemical indicators the chernozem ordinary under the influence of sideralny cultures

Authors: E. V. KRAVTSOVA, the applicant, L. V. RUDAKOVA, candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor, Azov – Black sea engineering Institute – branch of Don State Agrarian University in Zernograd (21 Lenina Str., 347740, Zernograd; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Keywords: cock’s head, colza, mustard white, chick-pea, cereal-bean mix, harvest of green fertilizer, general biomass, intake of nutrients, maintenance of a humus, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, batteries.

Abstract: The Russian classics of agriculture understood fertility of the soil, first of all, as its certain state: corresponding balance of organic matter, high microbiological activity of the soil, optimum physical condition, undisturbed structure of the soil. And, really, practice showed – if all this is, then out of our will the soil begins to work [1]. Influence of mineral fertilizers is estimated so that they play an important role in increase in efficiency of crops, but cannot significantly increase fertility of the soil. Therefore use the green manure of cultures as additional source of organic fertilizer is capable to provide preservation and increase in fertility of the chernozem ordinary. This is also valuable predecessor for crops improving structure of the soil and its fertility. But for this purpose increase in their share in structure of acreage is necessary. The given results of researches show, the greatest accumulation of biomass by the time of seal green manure a cock’s head (24.6 t/ha) and colza (23.8 t/ha) possessed. The cock’s head provided the greatest intake of nutrients to the soil: in average 271 kg/ha of nitrogen, 72 kg/ha of phosphorus and 153 kg/ha of potassium. Application of green manure provides increase the maintenance of a humus in the soil in comparison with control for 0.13–0.37 %. Thanks to green manure cultures and the formed organic matter the humic state improves that does these plants by valuable fertilizer material for many crops. Organic matter of green manure promoted increase in contents in the soil of nitrate nitrogen, mobile phosphorus and exchange potassium. It is necessary to use green fertilizer as a semi-pair for increase in fertility of the chernozem ordinary and productivity of crops.

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