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Revival of the russian market of organic products

Authors: I. P. CHUPINA, doctor of economics, professor, Ya. V. VORONINA, senior lecturer, Ural State Agrarian University (42 K. Liebknekhta Str., 620075, Ekaterinburg)

Keywords: organic agriculture, ecologically clean natural area, climatic conditions, organic farming, domestic food market, world market, human health, environment.

Abstract: This article discusses the production of organic agriculture products by domestic agriculture producers. The article proves the idea that organic production is not only the cultivation of agricultural products in an ecologically clean natural area, but also the use of innovations and science to improve the environment and grown products. Organic agriculture is aimed at the greening of plants, animals, soils, to improve human health. The Russian market of organic products is just beginning to revive and is at the initial stage of its development. Initially, the market of organic products consisted of 100 % imported products from countries such as Italy, Germany and France. Since 2013, a domestic manufacturer has been gradually appearing on the market of organic products. Due to the economic downturn in the country and the food embargo in 2014 in 2015–2016, the market of organic domestic products developed quite slowly and increased by no more than 3 % per year. And if we talk about the share of Russia in the world market of organic products, it is 0.2 %.

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