Agrarian Bulletin of the Urals

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ISSN 1997 - 4868 (Print); ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)

№ 12 (166) 2017


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 O. A. Bykova, M. B. Rebezov, N. V. Sadovnikov, N. D. Ovcharenko, L. G. Mukhamedyarova

Efficiency of using sapropel and saprverm “Energy Etkul” in rations of young cattle


 D. I. Eremin, E. A. Demin

Growing corn in the forest-steppe zone of Trans-Ural: from conceptualization to practical results


 M. Yu. Karpukhin, A. V. Yurina

Breeding and seed production of cucumber in the Middle Urals


 E. A. Korneyeva

Agro-economic substantiation of efficiency of anti-erosion forest reclamation on sloping ground of South European Russia (ETR)


 A. G. Koshchayev, S. Y. Shyklin, I. V. Shchukina

Genetic variety of cattle bred in Krasnodar region


 O. G. Lorets, O. A. Bykova, O. P. Neverova, A. A. Romanova

Biochemical status of goat of foreign selection in new regional soil-climate conditions


 A. N. Moiseev, K. V. Moiseeva

Contamination of grain and grass crop rotation of northern forest-steppe of the Tyumen region


 A. S. Motorin

Water satisfaction of multi-year herbs on the drying peat soils of Northern Trans-Ural


 V. V. Rzaeva

Method and depth of the main processing of the soil in the impact on the weediness of crops of spring wheat



 I. I. Manilo, I. N. Mikolajczyk, V. P. Voinkov

Automated control system of tethered animals


 G. B. Pishchikov, L. A. Minukhin

Adsorption of microorganisms on contact surfaces with the vertical form in the apparatus of continuous exposure


 E. A. Skvortsov, F. V. Vodolazsky, V. V. Askerko

The essence and functions of agricultural robotics



 V. E. Beshlyk, A. G. Svetlakov

Methodological tools for evaluation of the level of terrorist risk on the basis of diagnostics of socio-economic factors


 B. A. Voronin, V. V. Kruglov, A. B. Voronina

Economic and legal frameworks for ensuring environmental safety of the Russian state


 M. V. Lysenko, Yu. V. Lysenko, V. D. Mingalev, V. M. Sharapova

Technical potential of agricultural organizations and its optimization



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