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Automated control system of tethered animals


doctor of technical sciences, head of department,

doctor of agricultural sciences, professor,

candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, Kurgan State Agricultural Academy of T. S. Maltsev (KSAA, Lesnikovo, 641300, Kurgan reg., Ketovsky dist.

Abstract. The tying of animals in the stall predetermines the increase in the production of milk and meat. Reliable fixation of the animal in the stall allows optimizing all technological processes and veterinary activities associated with the adherence of animals. At the same time, the stalls are equipped with automated tethering, which makes it possible to reduce the labor costs of livestock workers and increase their safety, as well as provide free access of animals from the premises to active outings and fires. In this regard, the most important problem in livestock complexes (farms) is the problem of the optimal organization of the leash, in particular, its automation. The latter can not only significantly facilitate the work of livestock keepers, but also increase the overall safety of the farm, including the fire department. This article examines scientific and technical solutions aimed at increasing the productivity of animals and improving the working conditions of livestock keepers, on ensuring the efficiency and reliability of animals’ exit from premises in the event of a fire on the farm. Based on the analysis of device designs and systems of automated binding and unbinding of animals during their keeping in stalls, an automated control system for pegged animals was developed. In order to further develop the automation of animal content and improve the working conditions of farm workers, in addition to the automatic tethering system, engineering solutions have been developed to equip the premises of livestock complexes with sliding gates and sound signaling devices, the inclusion of which coincides with the activation of the electric drives of the leash and the gate (leash — to untying and gates — for opening and closing). At the same time, in order to effectively solve this problem in the event of fires, the premises of livestock complexes (farms) (stall premises, as well as feed preparation, dairy and other compartments and auxiliary rooms) are equipped with automatic fire signaling systems. The structural scheme of the system, available for its application by specialists of appropriate qualification, is given. The objective function of the system for selecting the best possible option is shown and the solution of the problem on finding such a relation between such parameters as the time of detection and fire extinguish- ing, reliability and cost of the system for the cattle-breeding complex, in which the total losses from heat and the cost Systems (capital and operating costs) would be minimal.

Keywords: animal farm, the working conditions of breeders, harness pet auto leash, livestock productivity, efficiency of automated control system of tethered animals.

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